"To begin, Kelly from Off Your Shoulders is a safe hire. She is trustworthy, hardworking, dependable, and honest. From our first email exchange through our wedding day, Kelly was supportive, fun, creative, motivational, and above all else, helpful!

We were very nervous about choosing a wedding coordinator. You see, we have very particular tastes and like things to be just so-so. In a way, yes, we're THOSE people. While we tried not to be difficult, we did have quite a few details that all had to go off without a hitch, and it was literally like staging a production. Our venue was complicated, our seating was complex, our rehearsal dinner and after-party were detailed. And everything HAD to happen on schedule.

Through it all, Kelly remained calm, helped us stay calm, and made sure everything went off perfectly. At one point, our demands on her got to be too difficult and for the sake of the wedding, she let us know that she would need to bring in extra help - which we were happy to allow. We were thankful she knew us, the wedding, and herself well enough to know what it would take. Instead of just smiling and "yes, of course-ing" us to keep us pacified, she gave us the real deal every time, and that's one of the big reasons our wedding was an epic, smashing success."

- Joshua McIntire

"Kelly was amazing. She handled my crazy-bride-anxiety and ADHD like personified Xanax! She always seemed on top of the details and organization and it truly showed me how invaluable a coordinator is. Kelly is perfect for those of us who are creative and artsy but unorganized. I didnt need a "designer / planner" to design my wedding details, but I did need someone to help me keep my head on straight, remember the little details, and give me suggestions on everything from wine glasses and silverware to DJs vs iPod playlists. You don't want to be running around on your wedding day wondering if you've done everything, and you dont want to be the one to ask your groomsmen to be on time. That's what Kelly is for! Just hire her. She will save your sanity."

- Amy Zumwalt

"Thanks for taking care of all of the details for my reception at the Stockyards. You had everything setup just the way I wanted. Thank you for arranging a photographer and DJ, both were very professional and blended into the party. I appreciate all the work and effort you put into this most special evening and foremost I appreciate you keeping in my budget. Thanks again!"

- Kathy and Perry Provence from Mansfield

"When I asked Kelly to cater my baby shower I had no idea what I wanted. She gave me several suggestions and idea and all of them we very creative and classy. She set up everything and it looked amazing. I don't think it's possible for things to have been better. Everything was just as she said it would be. The day was perfect and it's all because of Kelly!"

- Terra King from Plano